Why Not Say Yes?

Last night, I finished Love Does, Bob Goff’s treatise on how to discover your extraordinary, whimsical, adventurous, purposeful, love-filled life. One key to doing that, I decided, is saying yes a lot. (Spend 77 seconds and watch the video)

What that meant for me yesterday was shooting guns. Lots of them. Multiple times.

We were visiting the ranch of a new friend to look at his excellent fishing ponds. When we were done, he asked if we wanted to shoot. Right away I said no, because I don’t really like guns and despite Sam’s best efforts, I’m scared of them. But most of all, I don’t like to trouble people when they offer to do something for me.

Then I thought of Bob jumping off his deck into what is probably 50 degree water in British Columbia and I changed my mind.

“Sure, if you guys want to, I will.”

Kleiduif 1-04-2007 15-04-56

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I learned to load and shoot a shotgun by doing it about 100 times and I managed to shoot many more of the flying orange things than I expected. When we tired of that, we grabbed pistols and shot itty bitty targets until dark.

I learned like ten things I didn’t know about guns. I learned how to be safe and competent around them, and now I’m less afraid.

All because I said yes.

I told you in my first post about Bob that he put his phone number in the back of Love Does and I plan to call him. I’m afraid to do that too, but I’m going to do it today because I bet something interesting will happen.

And yes, I’ll let you know.


Your thoughts?

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