Erin Kirk

This is me.

It took me a while to admit I wrote a Christian book. For years I rolled my eyes and strode away if I happened into that section of the bookstore.

Frankly, I thought I was too smart for that.

Plus, I was harboring a molar-grinding grudge against some Christians I’d met in a snowy parking lot, on the worst day of my life, a few years before. That day, I decided:

1. God wanted to force me into a pious, churchy little box, with no room for gay people, science, Muslims, loud parties, world travel, red wine and French cheese. All things, I happen to like.

2. Christians are hypocrites.

3. The Bible is ambiguous, archaic and regularly misappropriated – often by people carrying signs.

The problem is, I’m a girl in need of a compass. A fact that became abundantly clear at age 37, when I found myself swamped by depression, decades-old loneliness, fear and anxiety.  Oh the shame of admitting I am a selfish but well-meaning, indulged but starving, modern American woman, who can’t figure out how to be something else.

Maybe you have the same problem.

Maybe you’re here because you have everything you say you want and it still isn’t enough. Maybe you’re bored and hungry. Maybe you’re reading this in the closet because you’re searching for something, but reading the work of a Christian writer is impossible to explain to your tribe.

In any case, it’s ok. You are welcome to be yourself here.

I gave up trying to find myself on a Tuesday morning in West Texas. I simply picked up my old Bible and made a deal. For one year, I would read it, believe it and do what it says to the best of my ability – as an experiment.  If after that, I couldn’t believe it was the foundation of a life well-lived, I just wouldn’t.

Why Bother – A Sassy Liberal Wades in with Jesus is the story of what happened next. This blog is the story of what’s happened since.

Erin is a former daily newspaper reporter, a yoga instructor and a blue-state girl living in blood-red Texas. All views expressed herein are hers and not that of her employer Mercy Ships.


8 thoughts on “About

  1. Who am I? I am a Child of Christ. I was grafted in to His lineage. I call myself a Messianic Gentile. I don’t like the word “christian.” Too many people associate wrong things with that word. I do & say wrong things, ask God’s forgiveness & try to do better the next day. That’s all of any of us can do. I haven’t read your book. But I’m thinking about it. I’m sure it’s wonderful. But I have read some books by “christians” that put me down & make me feel bad about myself. And I don’t need that right now. Maybe later I can read it. It’s not because of you, it’s just because of circumstances. But I like your idea that religion is a river & God is the sea. Although I’m pretty sick of “organized” religion. I’ll let you know.

  2. EEk! I am a missionary kid, conservative for the most part, grew up loving Jesus. But I am finally, after 51 years, learning what it means to just live a life of obedience and leave the soapboxes to someone else.

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