Living in Wisdom and Love – Meet Gayna

On Monday, I asked you, my readers, to think about how and whether you live with intention and purpose. As Bob Goff says, forget what you are capable of doing, what were you made to do?

One response caught in my throat.

Meet Gayna. She’s a born and bred East Texas gal, who works with special needs kids in the local school district. Here is her answer to the question:

Picture 1I have always taught my children that no matter what comes our way that God has our back! I have taught them that everyone has a God-given talent and we are to take that talent and use it for the good in our lives and others. Needless to say this is how I was raised. I have been blessed to possess the talent to work and teach children and youth. My joy has been hearing a child I have worked with for months say his first word, take his first step or just acknowledge that he is loved. Wow!

The emphasis is mine because that is exactly what I’m after here. Love + Service = Joy.

When the Apostle John said, No one has ever seen God; but if we love one another, God lives in us and his love is made complete in us, I think he was dreaming of a girl like Gayna.

Countless kids have tumbled into her orbit and because of who she is, they cycled out with more love, more confidence and more vision for their own lives. What Gayna does is simple, but it’s not easy. She listens to Jesus and does what he says, whether anyone notices or not.

Soon, a few of us are embarking on a new project based on that very simple principle. Don’t just talk about Him, do what he says. Christians and non Christians are welcome to join us because this isn’t about religion, it’s about wisdom and love, and discovering your purpose, so you can live it.

If you want to come along, sign up as an email follower, so we can keep you posted. In the meantime fill in the blank:

If I could, I would love to ________________.


2 thoughts on “Living in Wisdom and Love – Meet Gayna

  1. I currently work as a Unit Secretary at the hospital. I’ve always felt I am capable of so much more, but I didn’t have the training. I feel discontented with the clerical side of the job, but I love the people side. I know for sure that I am called to help people. Not in nursing. I have no problem assisting them with the patients, but I know that I’m not meant to be a nurse. My calling is different. I’m the one that hugs the family members and holds their hands when their loved ine is dying. I’m the one who will sit with an alcoholic while he pours out his story. I love to spend time with the patients finding,out about their lives, how they feel about what is happening to them, and, if they are receptive, talking about God with them. I feel strongly that God has been calling me more specifically over the last year toward the homeless, the drug addicts and the alcoholics. i’m not sure where this is going, but I don’t think it’s gonna be pretty. I’ve told God yes, I’ll follow you there. We will see where he takes me. It will be an interesting journey.

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