I’m Going To Africa.

Three years ago, I decided to quit living my life theoretically. I knew probably half of it was over, and while it had been amusing, the impact I grew up wanting to make on the world, was negligible.

So I picked up The Bible and read it, twice, and began doing what it says. The book changed me.

DSC06746 - Version 2As such, I’m going to Chongwe, Zambia, in July, to work with SCRUBS Medical Mission in a school with 100 children, bad plumbing, a failing well and five unpaid staff.

On top of feeding and educating 100 kids, from their own shallow pockets, Founding Pastors Jasper and Zion Mutale are raising ten orphans. When SCRUBS shows up, pregnant women and new mothers walk for miles for well baby care and health education. There are chicken coops to build, plumbing to fix, kids to hug and medical needs beyond counting.

I grew up wanting to be a person like Jasper and Zion, but at home in Texas, I think about it, get overwhelmed and then go shopping. So I’m going to Zambia for two weeks to learn what faith in action looks like from people who pray “give us this day our daily bread” and mean it literally.

I’m so far outside my comfort zone, I can’t even see it anymore. The Africa part doesn’t scare me. I’m overwhelmed that I have to raise $4200 by April. I’m overwhelmed by the medical, construction and agricultural support this little community is pleading for. I’m overwhelmed that I may be the one to shepherd 20 Texans, some on their first trip out of the United States, through Zambian customs.

So I just keep saying this:

I am determined and confident! I am not afraid or discouraged, for the Lord my God is with me wherever I go. Joshua 1:9 (adapted from GNT)

Maybe you’re looking for something too. Are you looking…

…to do, not everything, but something to bless people who need it?
…to sow into proven, fertile soil?
…to love, as Jesus said, not with words and speech but action and truth?
…to support someone you know whose hands will be dirty on your behalf?

If so, will you help me? Will you consider sending a check (tax-deductible) to:


SCRUBS Medical Mission
15434 Brittain Court
Lindale, Texas 75771

Please make sure to write the check to SCRUBS and put Erin Kirk in the memo line.

SCRUBS is a registered 501c3 Non-Profit. You can check them out at scrubsmedicalmission.org. Sam and I know them. They are good eggs, doing it right: Board, independent accountant, etc.

I’m taking an iPad to Zambia because you all know I’ll have plenty to say about this. Though we’ll be in a bush village, we are only 45 miles outside of the capital city of Lusaka. We can connect there, so I can introduce you to our new friends.

Thank you for considering this. The rest is up to God.


18 thoughts on “I’m Going To Africa.

  1. Erin although we havnt been able to talk much since returning to our homes from the DC, I don’t think it was a coincidence that God placed us to serve together that week. I often recall the conversations we had, you are a woman who spoke great wisdom and encouragement Into my life. I thank God for you and pray for the 3 of us cupcake conisuers to chase after Gods heart and go where He is asking us to go no matter how uncomfortable we are. He is going to use you to touch many lives in Zambia simply because of your obedience in saying YES. I love reading your blogs and seeing the fire that has been ignited in your life. Love you lots and can’t wait to read more!

      • I am drawing and painting 🙂 I actually applied to go on the world race mission trip 11 countries in 11 months. I should find out tomorrow if I’ve been accepted or not. So I guess you could say my fashion career is in hold. This is ok by me because I too feel God is calling me to see and experience more of Him and His people.

  2. Congratulations! You will not regret it. Do you like to cook? I had 35 people for an African Buffet ad raised $2500.00. I served South African Babotie ( like a meat pie) and Kale Salad with assorted squares for Desert. I served both vegetarian and ground beef Babotie and everyone loved it. I lightly blanched the kale( Called Rape in Zambia), put it in a big salad bowl and added fresh chopped Mango, peanuts, red onion with a mango dressing. Things you can get in Zambia. Make lots of the salad as I ran out. The Babotie is not really Zambian but I wanted something that people would like and it was a great success. I even bought some music from Zambia in a local store near me and decorated with African violets and the few African items I have.
    I must say that my mother in law is an amazing chef,one of her many talents and she offered to cook the Babotie a head of time and froze it. It worked out wonderfully. So Just a suggestion! If you want the recipe let me know and I will send it to you!
    I would help financially but I am in the early stages of building a school in Kalabo so I am in your boat! All the Best. Joanne

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