Keep Working and Be Awesome.

Today, I stumbled on The Art of Non-Conformity: Unconventional Strategies for Life, Work and Travel, a blog written by writer/entrepreneur Chris Guillebeau. This guy writes 1,000 words a day, six days a week and plans to stand in the dirt of every country on the planet. He’s got 150 down.

He’s awesome and he wants you to be awesome too. So he’s published a few e-books that you can download free here!

Chris’ philosophy is this:

English: Cherry Blossom Flowers.

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1. You don’t have to live your life the way other people expect you to.

2. You can do good things for yourself and help other people at the same time.

3. If you don’t decide for yourself what you want to get out of life, someone else will probably end up deciding for you.

4. There is usually more than one way to accomplish something.

I just finished 279 Days to Overnight Success which you can get here. It’s chock full of practical life advice for creative types and entrepreneurs. A Brief Guide to World Domination: How to Live a Remarkable Life in a Conventional World is next.

I need people like Chris. As I grope my way into a new creative life, the shape of which I can’t quite fathom, it’s nice to hear from explorers deep in the territory. And rather than guard their trade secrets, people like Chris are wrapping them up in lovely internet packages and handing them out for free.

That trend feels Christ-like and I support it. So I’m spreading the goodness.

Happy Saturday.


5 thoughts on “Keep Working and Be Awesome.

  1. Actually, check out his latest. He only has one country left, Norway, which he is celebrating on his 35 birthday this coming April. I’ve been following his blog for a while now. He is a Christian, and he and his wife spent four years in Africa. Chris has had a huge influence on my life, both as a writer and as a missionary. Glad you like him too. I really wanted to make ti the Submit this year, just to meet other people like me, but too hard to justify the money. Another year.

    • Wow Lana! I did not know this. Thanks for the update. I suspected by reading his work that he is a Christian. By the way, I am still wading through my decision to go to Africa and your blog has helped me sort through all of it. So thanks for that.

  2. Hey. Well, that’s funny. Chris is an online buddy, and is actually coming up here to hang out with we nutty travel bloggers. He rocks. Good for you.

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