Why Should I Give Something Up?

Sitting in the truck outside the auto parts store waiting for Captain Dilly Dally this morning, I sat quietly, holding my coffee cup, considering what I might give up for Lent.

Lent is a 40 day period of sacrifice, fasting and preparation for Easter that’s meant to remind us Christ’s own sacrifice. Despite wearing a smudge on my forehead every Ash Wednesday for 16 years of Catholic school, I’ve never not blown off Lent.

“I’m giving up Christmas parties for Lent this year, ha ha ha,” was a popular joke in my family that reflected a bit of disdain for Catholic rituals.

But these days, I feel like I am asking for a lot from God, so is it really that outrageous to offer a sacrifice in return? I make sacrifices for Captain Dilly Dally all the time just to express my love and devotion to him, why is Christ any different?

But whatever could I give up that I’m really attached to? What do I really love that would hurt me to go without? My fingers curled a little tighter around my still-warm, roadie cup, grasping it, clutching it like my precious.

Latte Machiatto

(Photo credit: 5.0OG)

“No no, not thaaaaat Jesus, I can’t survive without that.”

On the ride home, I explained Lent to Sam (aka Capt. DD).

“You should give up coffee then,” he said confirming what I kind of already knew. “And honey, I don’t mean this bad, but you will be a bee-otch without it.”

Annoyed, I suggested he give up dropping f-bombs for Lent.

“Think of how fun Easter will be for you,” I said.

Just then, Sam hit the brakes and swung over to the side of the road to pick up a guy holding a gas can. We gave him a ride to the gas station, then back to his pickup where his brother, an amputee, was waiting.

See it’s one thing to talk about Jesus all the time, it’s another to live like him.

See you Easter Sunday Starbucks.


13 thoughts on “Why Should I Give Something Up?

  1. Love your voice. Love it. I was never Catholic and every time I see that smudge I’m a bit jealous. I mean who doesn’t want a chance to give something up to get closer to such an awesome guy like God and it includes an outward sign like a special made-for-you-tatoo!
    On Easter Sunday I will be thinking of you as He lifts your fast and you lift your cup!

    • Thanks Darcy…It seems like such a little thing, but at the same time it’s kind of not. On Easter Sunday it’s going to be triple shot, double foam, look out world! Thanks for reading.

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