This Isn’t Charity. This is War.

I’m not fundraising for The Exodus Road to make myself feel good at Christmas. Nope. I’m doing it to kick some #!* that desperately needs kicking and I am asking you to put your boots on and help me.

One awesome thing about being American, or Canadian, or Japanese, or Australian or European is, our nations use globally traded currencies, which are considered reliable stores of value (um, usually.) It is called hard currency.

Pha That Luang, Vientiane, Laos

Pha That Luang, Vientiane, Laos

Due to fiscal or political instability, many nations in Southeast Asia use currencies, which fluctuate too much to be a reliable store of value. They are called soft currencies. This is one reason two of us could eat a three-course meal in Vientiane, Laos and pay an average of $12.

Hard currency is coveted in nations with soft ones, so when you spend dollars or euros in SE Asia, for whatever reason, it is like dropping Navy Seal Team Six into a neighborhood bar fight.

Powerful things happen.

This is part of the reason pimps in Southeast Asia court Western sickos flush with hard currency. Selling woman and children in dollars or euro makes a local pimp wealthy exponentially faster than his neighbors who sell chicken in the market for Lao Kip.

For the same reason, organizations like The Exodus Road, on the ground in SE Asia, are courting you too. They can, among other things, take your US dollars and convert them into a breathtaking number of Rupees or Kip or Riel to pay local people a living wage to join the fight against human trafficking. Between borders

You are so powerful. Do you get that?

Don’t donate to my Exodus Road fund today because you are a nice person and it’s Christmas. Don’t do it because you need the write-off.

Do it because you are mad about this graphic. Do it because you want to put the hurt on these dirtbags who make a living through unconscionable crimes against women and children.

Don’t wait. Drop a hard currency bomb right now.

This is war.

The Exodus Road is a coalition of covert investigators and organizations working together to fight human trafficking through interventions. We gather legal evidence, support raids and prosecutions and support aftercare facilities in our networks.


4 thoughts on “This Isn’t Charity. This is War.

  1. Had no idea about the “soft” and “hard” currencies. *Thank you* for telling us…You’re correct…it’s war against depravity. I’m thankful you have such passion and anger about this horror of human trafficking.

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