Birth Announcement!

It’s a big morning around here. Sometime in the last 12 hours we had a baby. As you can see, everybody’s very excited.

In case you know something about breeding horses, and wonder why we are foaling in late October, let’s just say….ummmm…Minnie and the neighbor’s stud horse….well, you get the picture.

Foals are kind of amazing. This guy isn’t 12 hours old and already he’s scampering around. When he was having a little trouble nursing, we watched Minnie bite him gently on his hock to push him into position. Nature.


2 thoughts on “Birth Announcement!

  1. Congrats you two, as the proud Grandparents.   Have an Extraordinary Day,

    Sharon Sutis | Voluntary Benefits Specialist for Aflac

    Tel: 810.220.2256 | Fax: 810.220.5757 Aflac was named one of the Most Ethical Companies In The World – 2009 


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