Need a Good Read?

I read books like a freak. I’ve probably got six stacked next to my bed and every night I pick whichever one suits my mood.

But all of them gathered dust last week after I bought Ann Patchett‘s State of Wonder – a novel so good, that when it was over, I wanted to go to her house and force her, like Kathy Bates in Misery, to write more pages, even if it meant breaking her ankles.

And this isn’t the first time she has done this to me. I was similarly undone after reading Bel Canto and The Patron Saint of Liars. While reading them, I alternated between utter captivation and stopping to say, “wait, how did she do that?”

This woman was born to break your heart, change your mind and escort you to places you simply cannot dream up without her.

Do you have a favorite author that wrecks you like Ann Patchett does me? Please reply (Comment bubble up top.)

I need help getting over this.


One thought on “Need a Good Read?

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