Why I Heart Facebook.

Did you know Facebook has a charity division? They do.

Their job is to hunt down people using Facebook in charitable ways. Recently, they collected the ten best stories from ten years of Facebook and Mercy Ships is one of them. Evidently they didn’t approach us though. They talked to Sevenly, a lifestyle company that donates a portion of every sale of its limited edition products, like t-shirts, art, jewelry, to a different charity each week – including us.

When Facebook approached Sevenly about featuring them on their top 10 list, they said “sure, can we feature Mercy Ships?”

And that’s how this happened.

*as ever the views expressed herein are my own and not that of my employer Mercy Ships.


How to Quote Your Cute Self on Pinterest.

Muir MountainsEver wonder how people turn clever quotes into text images for Pinterest and Facebook?

I’m guest blogging over at Blogging Bistro today, where I answer that question. I try out a bunch of text to image websites and make pretty things like this.

Blogging Bistro is a terrific resource for everything social media. I met Laura at the Mount Hermon Christian Writers Conference. She answered 30 platform questions I had in a about ten minutes.

Have a tool you like? Let us know. Happy Monday!