Weightlifting for Christians

Yesterday I heard a story about a young lady who is spending the summer teaching desperately poor kids in Uganda.

One of her tasks is to sharpen 100 or so pencils every day for the kids, but the school doesn’t have a pencil sharpener. So she does it by hand with a dull razor blade, a task that’s proving so arduous she has blisters from it.

A pencil sharpener.

IMG_0363-2I’m leaving in three weeks to work in a Zambian bush village, in a school with 150 children. They show up each day hungry and sit on the floor to do their schoolwork, presumably with loaner pencils. One pastor, his wife and three other women feed all these children, educate them and love them, but the need is always deeper than the resource pool.

So it is wonderful that our team is coming to help with plumbing and construction and infection and yes we will bring more soccer balls and pencils, but sometimes the best gift you can give someone is the freedom to decide what they need most, like electricity and rice.

Cash does that. So I’m raising more.

This money is not going to rescue them, they rely on Jesus for that. What it will do is lift some weight. Maybe for a time it will give these five people a breather, maybe give them courage to go back to what seems like endless, impossible work.

Because, for as difficult as it is, they love it. This job, these children, it is what they were made to do. How lucky are they to know that?

Will you help us fund food or electricity or projects in Chongwe Zambia? Will you help us bless this Pastor who has two kids of his own and 150 more counting on him.

You can mail a tax-deductible contribution with The Jasper Project in the subject line to SCRUBS Medical Mission PO Box 8772 Tyler, Texas 75711.

Thanks friends.

Meet World Changer Ali Enright.

Ali Enright is featured today because she was THE VERY FIRST person to donate to my brand-new Exodus Road fund.

In fact, I think my post about counter-trafficking had been up for two minutes when she donated.

By all accounts this is a girl to watch (not in that way single boys, she’s taken). This one could be President of the United States or the next Christiane Amanpour or Madam Secretary.

As you can see, she cares deeply about irrigation, but she is also concerned enough about enslaved women and children that she’s willing to dig some cash out of her college-student hoodie pocket and send it to SE Asia.

Here’s what Ali and I, and now Jennifer too, are doing with Exodus Road:

We are raising $1400 to fund undercover surveillance and ultimately one raid on a brothel in SE Asia that imprisons sex slaves – many of whom are children.

Exodus Road and its teams have rescued 622 people to date and forced 348 prosecutions. Their work focuses on investigation and rescue but they support after care and prevention work as well.

Are you a college student like Ali? Are you an Enright like Ali and me? Want to quit being overwhelmed by the fact sexual slavery is the world’s third largest organized crime after drugs and guns?

To join us, click here. It’s easy peas.Online fundraising for Erin Kirk fundraising for The Exodus Road