Not Finding Yourself In Texas

Going to the Sea

A few of you have asked, so here’s an excerpt from the Introduction to Going to the Sea.

…So when Sam and I bought that fine, fertile piece of land in rural Texas that would support organic vegetables, Angus cattle and Quarter Horses, I thought “eureka!” I will shutter my insurance business and start organic farming. I will wear floppy hats and cotton skirts and aprons with vegetables falling out the pockets. I will not care that my feet are dirty, my arms are overtanned or that my t-shirt is wet of sweat. I will SIMPLIFY! and live the beautiful farm life our grandparents did. Then, of course, I’ll be too busy, as Gandhi famously said, “being the change” I’d like to see in the world, to climb aboard my soapbox and act like a jerk.

How romantic and naive we can be when surveying farm life from a distance…

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This is What Love Does – Part 1

At the end of this month I’m headed to Chicago for the Storyline Conference with Donald Miller, Bob Goff, Shauna Niequist and Glennon Melton. – writers I talk about a lot around here.

I attended the first ever Love Does Conference about 18 months ago in Seattle. I wrote about it and how Bob Goff regularly changes my life. Thought it was worth a reblog. Happy Saturday.

Going to the Sea

This is the first in a series about the 2013 Love Does Stuff Conference, hosted by NYT bestselling author, justice seeker and Jesus lover Bob Goff.

Photo Credit: Lisa Long Photo Credit: Lisa Long

On my flight home from Seattle yesterday, I imagined what it will be like when Bob Goff meets Jesus Christ in person.

Of course, I hope that doesn’t happen for another 50 years or so, because I need Bob in this world teaching me how to love people like Jesus did. He’s better at it than anyone I know.

Bob is a living, breathing disciple of Christ, a first-century apostle on a stage with balloons, hollering about fireworks and felons and child soldiers in Uganda, exhorting us to expand our territory and L-O-V-E  people so extravagantly that the world thinks we’re nuts.

Because that’s what Bob does. That’s what love does.

But when he’s done here and we are all…

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