Explain this.

It’s Friday.

Let me help you blow the last few hours at work with a cool project by a guy named Dr. Gary Greenberg, who photographs really, really small and sometimes gross things like skin and retinas, under a microscope. He also photographs sand.

This is a picture of sand in Hawaii.

This is a picture of sand under a microscope.

#sand under a microscope.

Who knew grains of sand were so singular and beautiful? There must be a message in there somewhere.

Have a beautiful weekend.

Fall Color Maps!

My God, I love fall.

When Sam and I lived in Colorado, I took thousands of pictures like this one. I’ve put a few up on Flikr for fun. Mineola, Texas is no slouch either, when it comes to leaves, so when it happens I’ll post a few.

If you’re headed out to see the leaves change, here’s a cool resource from the US Forest Service. It’s a fall color map that allows you to enter your forest of choice in any US state and get an idea what stage the leaves are in.

For instance, here’s what’s happening in the San Juan National Forest which is pictured on the left. People who lived in Albuquerque and Dallas used to call us during leaf season and plan their trips according to what we saw out the window. Thanks to the US Government, you can now do it online!

Cinque Terre, Italy 2010

Cinque Terre, Italy 2010

I took this last summer and I think it’s beautiful. We need all the beautiful we can get.